Parental Information

Information for Parents and Students

  1. Accreditation: ABC Learning Academy is  in the process of getting accredited through ICAA (International Christian Accrediting Association.
  1. Mission Statement:  Have a safe and productive environment for all students.  Creating a model student body that promotes self-worth, self-discipline, and excellence in education.  Teachers, staff, and parents will provide a positive education conducive to all students.
      3.     School Hours:
              7:30am               Doors Open/Staff Supervision
              8:00am               Morning Assembly
              8:10am               Classes Resume
              12:00pm             Lunch Pre-K (Students bring lunches)
              12:30pm             Lunch K-5 (Students bring lunches)
              1:00pm               Classes Resume
              3:00pm               Closing Assembly
              3:30pm               School Enrichment Program
  1. Curriculum: There will be an entry-level test given at all grade levels.  Reading, Mathematics, Spelling, Writing, Language, Arts, Social Studies, Science, Social/Living Skills, Oklahoma and American History.
  1. Dress Code/Appearance: Students attending ABC Learning Academy will be required to wear dark blue, black or beige slacks or skirts. Students are to wear yellow, white, red or green blouses or shirts.  Hairstyles should be reasonable, modest, clean and such styles as will not cause distraction from the educational process.  Teachers will send student to the office that does not comply with the dress code/ appearance.
  1. Assemblies: Assembly programs are held frequently for the entire school.  Students are to be courtesy and show respect.  Do not boo, whistle, or show other disrespectful actions.
  1. Attendance/Absentee: As attendance and participation are integral components of the educational process, a student attending class less that 80% of the quarter risks failure in that class.  Each day a student is absent, the school should be notified.  If a parent is unable to call, please write a note.  Students arriving after 10:30am will be counted half-day absent.  students arriving after 1:30pm will be counted absent full day.
  1. Attitude: A positive school atmosphere is the responsibility of each student.  Each student will be encouraged to show school spirit, be a creative thinker, believe in self and believe that he/she can accomplish or do any task.  Each student will expected and encouraged to work at his/her capacity.
  1. Classroom Behavior: Be a good listener.  Think before he/she speaks.  Student will show respect for self, classmates and staff.  Student will stay focus on given task (even when visitors are present).  Also show care and responsibility for all property.

  1. Discipline: The teachers functions as the authority person in each student's life while the pupil is in school  It is the teacher's job to see that students are continually growing toward a desirable productive citizen with accepted moral behavior.  Suspension of students from school is used only in extreme cases of misconduct, non-conformity to school regulations, destruction of property, or actions endangering the welfare of others.  Teamwork is very important, so there will be student, parent(s), and teacher conferences held and other methods or strategies used.  The school will do everything possible before terminating a student from the learning institution.  One of the purposes of this school is "STUDENTS COME FIRST AND EDUCATION IS THE KEY".
  2. Homework: Students will have homework every  school night or at the teacher's discretion.  It is the responsibility of the student's and parents to make sure the homework is completed and returned to the teacher on time.  Parents are to sign and date homework assignments.  Homework is a vital part of the student's academic growth.  It is an extension of materials covered within the class lesson.  Therefore, it should not be regarded as busy work or as punishment.
  1. Financial:  Tuition is due and payable on the 1st or the 15th of each month and will become past due and subject to a $20.00 late fee if not paid according to the terms in your Tuition Agreement.  Failure to comply could result in termination of your child's enrollment.  Students whose account becomes more than 20 days past due cannot return to  class until payment is made to bring account current.  Checks returned because of insufficient funds will be subject to a $25.00 service charge.
  1. Inclement Weather: In case of snow or bad weather, ABC Learning Academy will not hold classes if it is announces that Tulsa Public Schools will not be session.  Announcements will be made on the stations listed: KOTV Television (channel 6), NBC Television (channel 2), and KRMG Radio (740) at 10:00pm or 6:00am.
  2. Visitation: Parents often wish to visit their child's class.  We extend a cordial invitation for you to do so.  Visitors will wear an identification button or name tag while he/she is a guest in the school.
  3. Volunteers: Anyone interested in volunteering to work at the school, in any capacity, should call the school office.  We do appreciate your support.
  4. Students are not to bring toys to school at any time.  Pre-School students may do so only by the teacher's request.

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