ABC educating for the future                   August, 2, 2001
Volume 1, Issue 1                           

We started with four students and now we have 23 students.  We started with two teachers and now we have three teachers.  This growth, we have not only seen in numbers, but also in the spiritual, and academic growth in the students attending ABC Learning Academy.  We give all praises and glory to God, and ask for His continued blessings as we progress into another school year.

We will continue to produce newsletters that will assist parents in participating and monitoring the progression of the students' academic, and maturing character growth.  This year, we will try to include articles in the newsletters.  We encourage you as a parent to participate by providing articles that will benefit and support this effort.  Also, if you have any announcements we would like those as well.

Parents + Teachers = Child's Success cont….

Support the school and the school projects.  Volunteer your time, talents, or expertise with field trips and fundraising projects.

Be available to tutor and actively participate in enrichment activities.

Finally, solve problems quickly between you and your child's teacher.  This way, it cuts down on confusion.  Remember that the key to your child's success is being involved.


If you have a Target Charge Card, a percentage of what you buy will be donated to ABC Learning Academy.  So, tell your family and friends that whenever they use their Target Charge Card, Target will donate money to the school.  The same setup is also offered at Office Depot.

From the Staff….

The Lord has truly blessed ABC with a loving, caring, and learned staff, with the desire to teach the students as God would have them taught.

"Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it."
           -proverbs 22:6

Parents + Teachers = Child's Success

A parent is a child's very first teacher.  Taking active roles in the learning process starts at birth and continues once the child begins formal schooling.  So, it is quite normal that parental involvement in education is an important factor in the success of a child's education.  It can be as easy as reading aloud together, helping with homework and or doing creative activities.  Also, get involved with your child's school.  Attend things such as Open House, Back to School Night and other events.

Get to know your child's teacher.  Make sure the teacher can match your face with your child's name.

Ask questions and establish a line of open communication between you and the teacher.

Attend all Parent/Teacher conferences.

Support the school and the school projects.  Volunteer your time, talents, or expertise with field trips and fundraising projects.

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